BayComm, Inc.
         Warning Systems Sales, Service & Installation.
              Control Systems, Sirens & Communications.
      Warning Sirens: Community warning systems, tornado & flood warning,
                                                outdoor warning systems, mechanical & electronic sirens.

       AM Information Radio Stations:  Low power AM radio stations for emergency and
                                                                   traffic information. Complete system design,
                                                                   licensing and installation.

        Industrial Warning: Evacuation alarms, high power voice & siren systems,
                                                         chemical release alarms, combined indoor and outdoor
                                                         notification & alarm systems.
        Military Warning:  Personnel alerting systems, base evacuation alarms,
                                                       threat warning systems.

        Fire Station Alerting: Audible and visual station alerting systems, fire station traffic
                                                                control, tone alert radios, custom system design & installation.                 

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